About Us

Since 2001, Sesby Ideal Home is serving Interior Design & Furniture Making in Jakarta and surrounding. Our portfolio ranges not only on residential sector, but also on office and commercial.

Collaboration & Co-Creation

The interior of the space you live in is an expression of your lifestyle and describes the point of view that you have in the world you live in. We believe that there is “no one-size or one-design fits all”, therefore every project of ours has their own character . Therefore we foster a solid collaboration with our clients because we do put a high concern on every detail of client’s style, goals, needs, and dreams to specially tailor their personal living space at premium quality.

Passion & Commitment

We’re a challenger for status-quo, we work beyond borders. We’re obsessed to dreams. We passionately dedicate our works to transform every ordinary space into unique and dynamic personal living space for our clients, while being liveable, functional, and also meeting the budget and schedule. By bringing altogether Creativity, Knowledge, and Experience, we always strive to come up with fresh original ideas and work efficiently to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Integrated and Hassle-free Services

Interior design and personified furniture manufacturing process requires a combination of savvy technical skills and creativity, exquisite craftsmanship, and advance level of knowledge on current alternative of materials. It also requires high dimension accuracy and tight coordination across fields of expertise and functions related.

In order to maintain premium quality and timeliness of our products and services, we determined not to outsource any process throughout the design and build stages. We provide a hassle-free one stop solution, not only in furniture making and interior building, but also providing procurement services, right until the soft furnishing, up to do the decorating for final touch. Unlike any other interior designer, we passionately handle everything on our fully-owned integrated in-house facility with teams of experienced artisan to ensure the perfection of your living space.